About Us

Therapy Rooms connects people with places to work. The therapy community is powered by location owners, who provide their therapists and health professionals with a uniform consistent experience, across all Therapy rooms locations.

We can help you maximise the return you can get from a room or empty space. Its possible, you could double if not triple the income that you would normally generate from a location.



In October 2010, property in Ireland was at an all-time low, tenants were hard to find, banks made it difficult to start new businesses.

With a background in property and renovation, we decided to convert extra space into a sessional room rental business.

Over the next few years we expanded from 1 room to 12, we realised it gave new and established Therapists a chance to start a business, without having to buy or rent long term space.


"Provide sessional and occasional rooms to Business peple, therapists and medical professionals, seeking the convenience of quality rooms without the long term commitment and overheads typically associated with renting and leasing a property."

www.therapyrooms.ie was set up at the end of 2011 to showcase our location, we built an email based collaboration tool to communicate directly with our clients.

We threw away the paper diary in 2012 and moved to online booking, using 3rd party software.

All our customers, search our location, book online and communicate about our rooms.

In the latter half of 2013, we began offering other locations the opportunity of listing with us. Without promotion we have now grown to over 240 rooms throughout Ireland.

We've added some great features

1. A room Listing directory

2. Client & Owner collaboration

3. Client booking for listed locations.

We want to show room owners how they can earn extra income from extra space, providing help setting up your systems, give tips on layout, design, marketing, licences and insurance.

For the user, it's the world of convenience, a simple searchable directory, online communication directly with the room owner before arrival and easy integrated booking.

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