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Who is this website for?

Its a multi-site for Therapy related services.

1. For the public to find a qualified therapist.

2. For therapists to advertise their profile and locate new customers

3. Its for Property owners to rent their therapy Rooms

4. Custom Built Therapist & Room Booking software.

5. Therapist Lead Generation 

 Contact us if you have any question about the services we offer.

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Membership Versus Free Package

When you Subscribe and become a member of therapy rooms there are a number of advantages.

- Free Enquires to your listing 

- Free client and room referrals

- Blog submission

- Higher ranking for your room or therapist listing

- Discounted insurance (coming soon)

- Your Listing posted in Facebook, Instagram groups

On the Free Package you pay 15.99 to access details of enquires and referrals

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How do I add a Listing?

To add a listing, you need to be registered,

we have two types of listing:

For a Therapist Listing Click Here follow the step, we'll approve within a few hours.

For Room rental Click Here

Some Instructions on Room Rental 

1. Long term : for room owners looking for Monthly & Yearly tenants.

Check out the FEATURES for a long term listing here

2. Short term : for owners looking to rent their space on a daily or hourly basis.

Check out the FEATURES for a short term listing here.

Click here to see PRICING page, Click the required button in the red box, login or register, ensure you pick a Long or Short term listing from the basic details page, this will determine the letting type, submit all parts of the form and choose you package.

We will review and approve within a few hours.

If you have any questions you can send us a support mail here 


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How much does it cost to add a listing?

Go to our Pricing Page to see our current price list.

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How do Therapists and Medical Practitioneers, contact me ?

All users, Therapists and Medics can contact the listing owner using the enquiry button on their listing.

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Enquiries, Leads & Referrals Pricing

E|nquiries, Leads & referrals are free for Members and subscribers of Therapy Rooms & Gettherapists.com and  for 15.99 euro or pounds sterling on the free to list Package.

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How do I get more exposure for my listing ?

a) Encourage users to add reviews, good reviews are the best way to get new customers. 
b) Increase Traffic and exposure to your listing by adding the best possible content and photos, Google will reward listings with the good content. we also will rank you higher the greater the effort you make, we also move the best listings to the top of the directory of the list. If you have any other questions just ask. 
c) If you have a website cut and paste the URL of your listing into your website, his creates useful back link for google and other search engines to track links. 
d) Share your Listing on Social Media. 

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Whats the best way to get long term tenants ?

We have found that initially renting your room sessionally is best way to attract quality long term users, many therapist and newly qualified medics can be nervous about starting a business. By renting your room hourly, users can try out your service slowly and it wont be long before you meet someone that fits your clinic and is willing to move to a bigger commitment or longer agreement. Pick the short term listing option to allow for sessional booking.

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What is the Daily Activity?

Daily Activity is a location where you can see all the conversations you have had with your customers.

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How do I upgrade, edit or delete my Listing

To update, edit or delete your listing, 


Click your Profile icon on the top right

Search for the box "Listings"

Pick the option you want.

If editing your listing, make your required changes, after submitting we will review and approve within a few hours.

Any questions please contact us through the support conversation in your daily activity.

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How do I communicate with my customers

After logging in, choose the chat icon on the top right, all your customers are listed here, use the search to quickly find a customers.

All bookings are confirmed by email

All reminders to customers are sent by email

You can reply to any email and the conversation will be stored under the correct discussion with the specific customer.

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How to Add or Edit Photos

Login Go to "Listings Box" pick your listing, Click Edit

Pick Photos and Media, upload photos and choose the Hero image to show first on the listing. 

Make sure images are good quality

Landscape orientation works best, ideally a ratio of 1.5:1.

  • Best  not to resize images from your camera use 1600 pixels width and 905 pixels height is minimum.

  • We support JPG and ?PNG image formats.

  • Pick your best image as the featured hero image.

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How do i configure a Services & Profile for Booking

There are two methods to add online booking.


1. Click on Listings from the Dashboard


2. Choose the listing you wish to edit .

Step 1

Click Service, fill in the form, the exact price and duration, click Submit.

Note: This is the product or service your customer will book, eg 2 hour Room Rental, 1 hour Counselling or 5 hours class rental, 

Step 2 

Now you need to add or edit the Profile (this is the provider of the service) 

Go to -> Dashboard-> Listing -> Edit-> Profile -> fill in the entire form,

Select the Hours the profile is available. add a good photo of the profile (room)

make sure you select the service you created in Step 1 ( now this service is added to your new Profile)

Click  save

Repeat Step 1  and assign the Services to the profile you have set up in step 2 

Make sure to click submit or Update before finishing.

Return to you listing on the frontend, click your Book now Button and ensure everything has been setup correctly.

Any questions, send us a message.


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How do I offer customers the option to pay later?

To offer customers the option of paying now or paying later, 

Login -> Dashboard-> Click Options -> Under Allow payments-> Click BOTH 

before Completing the booking your customers will be given an option to Pay Now or Pay Later.

Thats it!

See Screenshot below


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What is a "Profile"


It's a Person, a Location, a Classroom, a car, bike, a therapist or medic.

Anything that can be booked, Profiles host the that will provide the service.  

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What is a "Service"

A Service

This is the Product that you are going to provide.

Examples are 1 Hour Room Rental, 30 min consultation, 5 Hour Hall Rental.

you create the service you want to offer your customers.

contact us if you have any issue setting it up.


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How do i Renew, Reactivate or Relist an Advert or location listing

To Renew or Reactivate a listing, follow these steps,


From the Dashboard go to MY LISTINGS

Choose the listing you wish to Renew 

Click Relist

Follow the steps to check out.

We are using the Payment Gateway Stripe to Manage our payments.

Any Questions 

send us a mail by clicking HERE

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How do i upgrade, edit or change my listing package?

To Upgrade to 

Login and go to Listings 

Click edit on the listing of your choice

When all details are added cick the package

Fill in your payment details and add a coupon if applicable

thats it we will review your listing and have it live in a few hours.



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What is Pay Per Lead for Room Rental

Pay Per Lead is an option to list your location FREE  but you Pay a Fee for each enquiry you get to your listing.

If you prefer to get regular enquiries, then the monthly Payment option is a more economical method, which provides Unlimited Enquiries for the monthly subscription. 



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Add a Therapist to your Therapy Room listing

Its easy to add a Therapist profiles to a Therapy Rooms listing.......... first you need a Free Therapist profile when created, just ensure the EIRCODE on your Therapy Rooms listing matches the EIRCODE in the Therapists profile. 

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Latest Booking or Upcoming Bookings

This page displays the next booking at your location, Insurance Expiry, Booking Balance for the customer, location, the room, the day, time, duration and status.

Expired Insuance will show RED


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